Tally.Server 9

Tally.Server 9


Tally Solutions brings you an exclusive product – Tally.Server 9 (pronounced as TallyServer 9), a product that installs a server component offering dedicated access to Tally data. Not only does it smoothly support concurrent usage by multiple individuals simultaneously, but provides an extremely secure and risk-free environment for your company’s data. This powerful data server will redefine the efficiency of medium and large businesses that have multiple users performing various activities simultaneously.

Tally.Server 9 is a powerful server component that runs as a service and provides access to Tally data. It is an extremely simple to deploy product and substantially enhances usability experience besides providing much better security and User Controls.

Tally.Server 9 anchors the Data Server deployment, which is the most robust, stable and responsive as it supports seamless concurrency, reliability, security, scalability and database management. It can be managed through Tally user interface and also through the Windows Services. However, unlike the share, it can be used to provide much better administrative control and user security.  Tally.Server 9 provides advanced monitoring and administrative control to business owners and administrators through its unique Monitor feature. The Tally.Server 9 Monitor acts as a remote control for the data server and helps to restrict or authorise user’s access to features as per the business requirement. This monitoring toll will help the administrator to substantially increase user productivity and efficiency, ensuring that the system is used optimally to complete day-to-day operational tasks.

Tally.Server 9 provides seamless concurrency in a multi-user environment by allowing user to access the same company data simultaneously.The users will be able to simultaneously load companies, save transactions, export reports, print reports, perfect other data related activities with high performance and speed without experiencing any download.  

Tally.Server 9 provides increased reliability of data in an multi-user environment by ensuring high responsiveness even during abnormal data handling operations for instance, one of the users forcibly terminates the application, or his system crashes or break-up the data is in progress.

Tally.Server 9 provides extensive data security by ensuring authorized data access, backup and restore. Tally.Server 9 allows data access purely through Tally.Server 9 and not through windows services thereby restricting full access to the data folder.

Visibility & Control
Tally.Server 9 ensures higher visibility and control on data access, by allowing tracking of activities of different users and monitoring their currently status or even disconnect users, if required.

Tally.Server 9 provides high scalability by providing capability to respond faster and perform multiple operations by a large number of users in a network.