Tally BIZ MIS App

Tally BIZ MIS App



BIZMIS is a Tally on mobile app, specially designed for all type of businesses using Tally ERP 9. Bizmis is an effective Management Information System tool which gives you an amazingly simple & great real time analytics. User can generate sales order, Sales Invoice, Purchase order, Purchase Invoice, receipts/Payments through BISMIS app.

This data can be directly linked to Tally ERP 9 or we have provision to first verify the data & after approval sync this data to Tally ERP9 this will ensure verified entries into Tally ERP 9. BISMIS tally on mobile app is designed considering all essential business metrics & showcased in simple graphical representation which is easy to understand by a user.



The dashboard provides you a graphical representation of your day to day transaction, bills, outstanding, etc.

This provides you complete transactions listing of your customers, suppliers, track invoices and their payments, inventory, etc.

This is the most powerful feature of BISMIS, it provides you various reports with ease. Like, customers, suppliers, invoices, payments, inventory, etc.

Inventory Item Data
Provides a detailed view of the inventory of unsold products and its quantity, goods stored in the warehouse. This helps you decide purchasing of raw material and future production.

100% Secure
BISMIS is end-to-end encrypted application. This gives you complete peace of mind. BISMIS syncs encrypted data from your desktop Tally ERP 9 on your mobile and it's only decrypted by BISMIS app only and no other application have access to your precious data

Customer account card
Bizmis help you to understand your customer better on single screen. you can view 12 months sales , receipts performance and also total outstanding of a customer. Same screen allow you take orders, create bill wise receipts and create ledger statement of customer.