SMS Module

SMS Module


Tally SMS plugin is a unique CRM tool that helps you Stay-in-Touch with your customers, distributors, dealers, resellers, agents, other business associates and even your employees in a very cost effective manner using the powerful medium of SMS communication. With Tally SMS, a low-cost add-on module, your existing Tally erp 9 Accounting and Inventory software also becomes a powerful marketing tool.

Leading marketing consultants estimate the cost of acquiring a new customer at 5 to 10 times the cost of retaining an existing customer! Do you believe that effective Customer Relationship Management is important for the growth of your business? In today’s highly competitive business environment, you just can’t afford to let your customers forget you. Regular discreet communication with your customers and business associates is necessary not only for growth, but even for survival!


  • Send SMS to any mobile no. across INDIA directly from Tally.
  • Robust Technology for Tally users to interact with their stakeholders.
  • Proficient SMS manager used for SMS provosion.
  • Plugin with nominal cost.
  • Safe and Secure. 


Key Features 

  1. Auto Voucher SMS for receipt and payment.
  2. Overdue bills reminder.
  3. Client outstanding alters.
  4. Ledger group SMS.
  5. Auto Scheduled SMS.
  6. Birthday/Anniversary SMS.