Approval App

Approval App



A Business Owner needs to approve critical or valuable transactions while on the move for maintaining business continuity.

  • Set critical transactions based on value for approval
  • Get the transactions on real time for approval
  • Approve and set the ball rolling for the next stage
  • Critically valued transactions like purchase order, Sales order, payments etc. can be approved on the move before it is executed.

An ideal Tally Mobile Software for Business owners on the move.

The Tally app allows 2 level of authorisation viz verification & Authorisation. The transactions or vouchers created in Tally erp 9 are synchronised to the mobile software app and are available for verification. The entire definition of authorisation & verification is made in tally using the Voucher Authorisation add-on to Tally ERP 9. It is advisable to buy Voucher Type Level Security add-on & Audit Trail add-on to have a complete benefit of the system.

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